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When I’m done growing my hair out…I want this.
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Outfit of the Day: Crop Top Confidence
I’m so excited to show you guys this outfit!! This… was more than an outfit to me. It was tummy liberation! I wore this to hang out with my best friend who was home from California. She luckily brought some warm weather with her. I had bought this top the day before, a little reluctantly. It was somewhat see-through and when I moved every which way, you could see parts of my stomach. I have not shown my stomach to anyone in public since I had been shamed in a short top at the tender age of 6. It was almost 20 years of body policing that I shook off with this stupid striped top! I kept telling my friend how oddly proud I felt in it. I felt so brave and confident. She gave me a raspberry on the little patch of skin. It was just… oddly amazing and empowering. I felt like I reclaimed my body. I strongly encourage all of you, of any shape or size, to reclaim your body in any way you want to! 
Crop Top: TJ Maxx $12
Bodycon Black Skirt: NY&CO $30
Shoes: Avenue $30
Earrings: F21 $3
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Thumbs up for short hair and red lipstick! 
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I’ve mostly looked like death the past two weeks. But I got dressed today. And I think I looked nice. 
Shirt - Tesco
Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
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I prefer curls. #curls #hair #hairdo (Taken with Instagram)
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I got straight-across bangs today, after four years of side-swept long bangs. I’m following this up with a hair color appointment next week, and I’m debating between going for my natural color (see: bangs), a cool—potentially almost grayish—platinum blonde, or something like this: