I got straight-across bangs today, after four years of side-swept long bangs. I’m following this up with a hair color appointment next week, and I’m debating between going for my natural color (see: bangs), a cool—potentially almost grayish—platinum blonde, or something like this:

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  2. helsbels7 said: I like your natural colour - also think you’d look great with platinum
  3. myluckynumberisone said: #3!
  4. cobwebspungoldenhair said: Im a huge fan of the kelly osborne haire and actually thought about going that root - and sort of do. I dont dye my hair blonde but I do maintain my blonde with a purple toning shampoo which I love.
  5. dandyasfuck said: platinum or kelly! but i think you can really rock the shit out of platinum.
  6. colieolie said: miss kelly o’s color! omg, gorgeousss.
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